Message from the Owner

There were countless hours of research, testing, and development that went into the CL4 holster project. All preconceived notions regarding how a holster should look or function were eliminated and we started completely from scratch. Our objective was to create a dedicated holster platform that would support the use of a handgun, as a primary weapon, for personal defense. Succinctly, this venture led to some significant advancement in security, personal defense, and concealment. We are currently in the process of organizing our notes into a logical format and we will be sharing some of this information with you here on our resources page.

While our passion is strategy and tactics, word of our holster’s effectiveness is spreading quickly and we’ve had to allocate much more time to fielding orders and producing products. We will build up this section of our website when time allows but, you should see the first article appearing shortly. Overall, I think you will find the information presented here to be far more comprehensive, far more factual, and far more proactive than you might expect to see elsewhere in this industry.

Tradecraft USA was not established to do run-of-the-mill. I think too many people in this world are too freely accepting of ordinary and that's something you won’t find here. We will continue to demonstrate concepts and products under real world conditions and we’ll do our best to extend this same philosophy to our resources page. This section of the website is for you. It is free of charge and it will continue to be. If you have a specific question or if you would like to see a particular topic addressed please let us know. The study of strategy and tactics requires a lifelong commitment to learning and I look forward to continuing on this journey with you, our valued customers.


Andrew Pylypiak – President of Tradecraft USA