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CL4 Professional Holster

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CL4 Professional Holster

The main difference between a novice and an expert is an expert's ability to apply basics extremely well — that was the idea behind the CL4 Professional Holster.

The CL4 Professional Holster is designed to apply the basics that cause real handgun concealment and effective personal defense. It makes it very easy to hide and access a properly-sized pistol regardless of environment, temperature, mode of dress, body-type, body-position, activity, threat-level, and a multitude of other variables. If you are looking for legitimate, all-season, every day, take-your-firearm-anywhere, handgun concealment; you can't beat the basics and the CL4 Professional Holster ■ Science backed ■ Guaranteed to conceal your handgun ■ Takes the guesswork out of concealed carry and personal defense.

For more detailed information about the basics of handgun concealment and the basics of personal defense, click on the links below:

Please note, CL4 Holsters can be custom fit to nearly any make and model handgun. Order your holster based on the caliber of your firearm. All holsters come with (1) trigger shroud and (2) barrel anchors. Handgun Concealment Is Guaranteed — Personal Defense Is Up To You.