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DIY Bullet Trap Plans

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Tradecraft USA - DIY Bullet Trap Plans

Firearm skills are perishable — build your own range and practice often.

Our DIY Bullet Trap Plans are designed to help you construct a multi-medium bullet trap that will work with pistols, shotguns, and high-powered rifles. It's easy to build, simple to maintain, and can handle prolonged exposure to large caliber projectiles (IE/ shotgun slugs) without having to worry about the contents of the trap spilling, ricochets, or pass-throughs. These plans walk you through the construction process step-by-step and include lots of commentary and pictures so you can see exactly how everything goes together and how it's supposed to work. All materials for this project are readily available at any home improvement store.

• DIY Bullet Trap

Difficulty Level:
• Easy

Time to Complete:
• Less than 24 hours

Tools Required:
• Circular Saw
• Miter Saw (optional)
• Cordless or Corded Power Drill
• Socket Wrench (7/16-inch socket)
• Tape Measure
• Square

Printed on High Quality Cardstock:
43 Pages
50 Large Color Photographs
Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch these videos:

43 Pages
Large Color Pictures
Step-by-Step Instructions